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Planit has updated its Edgecam software for the production engineering industry, with Automatic Feature Recognition enabling efficient toolpath generation from imported models.

Full properties of the features, including depth, radius/chamfer and min/max XY radius, enable users to select appropriate tooling and cycle parameters.

2010 R1 provides increased efficiency through enhancements to its machining cycles and mproved stock awareness of machining cycles removes the need to set boundaries manually.

Utilising Edgecam’s helical technology, a number of customer-driven enhancements have been delivered to Edgecam’s Thread Milling Cycle.

One such enhancement includes cutter radius compensation, enabling the user to align the tool selected offline with the tool to be used on the shop floor.

Finish Turning Cycles have also seen development and a ‘peck across’ option has been added to the Rough Grooving Cycle.

This feature is designed to improve material-removal rate and prolong tool life.

A graphical interface for all turning operations ensures the significant technical enhancements are intuitive and easy to use.

Edgecam’s Strategy Manager Module enables users to create toolpaths with maximised efficiency.

In 2010 R1, tool selection has been enhanced within Strategy Manager, increasing the speed at which users can generate the relevant toolpaths.

Edgecam’s Part Modeler also provides users with significant functionality enhancements.

Delivering cost effective and powerful 3D modelling capabilities, Part Modeler enables users to create or modify 3D models with ease.

Detail View provides a scaled-up balloon view of a model, giving users the ability to easily examine any part of a model and highlight specific details that will be key in the manufacturing or assembly process.

A ‘feature annotation’ function expands Part Modeler’s, allowing users to extract design data such as tolerances and apply them automatically to the drawing with ease.

Edgecam 2010 R1 supports Windows 7, and delivers a Code Wizard for the Siemens 840D ShopMill.

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