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Belden has introduced Edition 6.0, a new version of the software platform for the Hirschmann Mach, Mice, Rail and Octopus managed switches.

In addition to the comprehensive management, diagnosis and filter functionality, redundancy procedures, security mechanisms and real-time applications supported by its predecessor, Edition 6.0 offers functionality that Belden claimed is usually only available in high-performance backbone systems for the back office.

The configuration options for Profinet have been enhanced further, the company added.

The new redundancy functions include multiple spanning tree protocol (MSTP), and the multiple-ring function that can be used in additional switch varieties.

Diagnostic options have also been further improved, Belden said.

For example, besides 1:1 port mirroring, the new platform software also supports N:1 mirroring, allowing several ports to be mirrored on one diagnostic port.

In addition, defective switches can be more conveniently replaced with the auto-configuration adapter ACA 21-USB, since both the configuration and the operating system are automatically loaded.

Together with the industrial-grade hardware from the managed switches in the Hirschmann product range, Edition 6.0 of the software platform provides optimum solutions for automation networks.

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