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EnOcean is presenting its EDK 300 developer’s kit for the bidirectional Dolphin platform.

The kit enables developers to implement energy-autonomous products and supports the bidirectional TCM 300, TCM 320 and STM 300 modules.

It also transmits data using energy harvested solely from the surroundings.

Based on EnOcean’s Dolphin system architecture, all wireless modules (868MHz) of EDK 300 can be programmed for custom applications through the API interface.

The STM 300 scavenger transceiver can implement energy-autonomous applications to sense temperature, light or air quality.

The TCM 300 and TCM 320 transceivers on the other hand are best suited for use in line-powered components such as flush-mounted actuators, repeaters or gateways.

All bidirectional wireless modules come with standard firmware for building automation, and users can also create their own firmware.

This is transferred to a specific wireless module by Dolphinstudio software and the programming adapter.

There is Winetel software to receive, transmit, analyse and record telegrams on the air interface.

Advantages include: developer’s kit for the entire EnOcean Dolphin platform; support of a variety of energy harvesting means (switch, solar and thermal conversion); simple development of custom hardware and firmware; sample applications for wireless switches and sensors (temperature, brightness, charge voltage); PC software for configuring and recording wireless telegrams; sample applications, source code and technical support; extensive API (application programming interface) for fast and simple programming of custom applications In addition to innovative wireless modules the developer’s kit includes an evaluation board for TCM modules and one for STM, a self-powered PTM 200 wireless switch, two EOP 300 programming adapters plus a software CD with Winetel, Dolphinstudio and Keil Uvision Trial.

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