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KolverUSA, a joint venture between Blackstone Global and Thiene, has introduced version 2.2 software for the EDU1AE controller.

This software features a delay-time parameter, which enables the EDU1AE to run at its full torque capacity for a preset amount of time, before downshifting to a final tightening profile.

When the delay time is set to any value other than zero, the unit is running at the full torque capacity and the factory-set revolutions-per-minute level of the specific Pluto screwdriver connected to the EDU1AE controller for that time period.

During the delay time, the torque output of the screwdriver is not limited in any way.

By incorporating a programmable delay time in tenths of a second, it allows the unit – in this case the Pluto – to overcome high prevailing torque.

Blackstone Global

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