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Edwards has integrated the Hick Hargreaves’ range of steam-ejector systems, water-injection deaerators and high-pressure feed heaters into its product portfolio.

Steam-ejector systems are used in a range of industrial applications, including refinery vacuum systems, vacuum-distillation units, flash evaporation for seawater desalination, turbine-condenser air extraction, edible-oil processing, polymerisation, crystallisation and evaporative cooling.

Heat-transfer software has also been developed through research programmes with leading UK universities and operating results from commissioning work and from plant operators.

This is used to model the condensation processes within the condensers, which may include complex hydrocarbon and water-vapour mixtures in association with non-condensable gases.

The Hick Hargreaves ejector systems can be designed to maximise condenser efficiency and ensure size and operating costs are kept to a minimum.

Edwards also provides the complete range of Hick Hargreaves deaeration equipment, including seawater-deaeration packages for use in water-injection systems.

Designs include conventional packed-column vacuum deaerators and the spray-packed vacuum deaerator, which uses spray-distributor technology in conjunction with high-mass-transfer-efficiency packed beds to reduce column height and weight and increase efficiency on floating installations such as FPSOs and semi-submersibles.

Hick Hargreaves vacuum-deaeration packages have been used upstream of sulphate-removal packages, an application that requires a deaerator design capable of operating successfully without any requirement for antifoam dosing.

Inert-gas-stripping, steam-stripping and trace-gas-assisted deaerators are also available and can be used in applications where a Hick Hargreaves vacuum deaerator may not be the optimum choice.

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