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The Engineering Equipment and Materials Users’ Association (EEMUA) has published ‘Industrial Cooling Tower Fans and Fin Fans: Guide for Design, Maintenance and Operation’ (EEMUA Publication 215).

This guide addresses the best design, maintenance and operation of mechanical draught cooling tower fans and fin fans used in air cooled heat exchangers.

The publication is the latest of over 50 industry guides published by EEMUA, as a result of collaborative efforts to set, ensure and maintain best practice.

Developed through the input of EEMUA’s Machinery Technical Committee, the guide sets out appropriate maintenance practices and provides a framework for the maintenance routines, including specific details of what is required.

Fans can fail through a multitude of causes, including corrosion, fatigue and drive belt wear.

A variety of maintenance methods are available for each type of fan and fan assembly.

With aluminium alloy cooling tower fan blades, for example, EEMUA 215 advises that threaded stubs on the blades should be smeared with corrosion preventative grease before assembly.

The thread mouth and the joints should be packed with grease and then sealed over to prevent corrosion.

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