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Endress+Hauser has launched the RN221N combined active barrier and power supply.

The SIL2-rated barrier provides galvanic isolation for the 4-20mA measured signal, is suitable for use in hazardous areas, and can be powered by 20-250V AC/DC.

The RN221N uses front-mounted HART communication sockets and is able to obtain information or be reprogrammed without having to disconnect the wires.

Using a DIP switch, HART diagnosis can be selected to provide: monitoring of the 4-20mA signal for compliance with NAMUR NE43; evaluation of the HART status byte to alarm when the connected device is in error mode; and checking of Endress+Hauser devices.

The device features a 22.5mm (Preline) width and compact DIN rail mount.

In many process plants, the potential for fire or explosion exists because of gases, dust, or ignitable fibres or filings in the vessel or area that is being monitored.

The RN221N is offered with an IEC Exia rating, which indicates that its electrical energy is restricted to a level below that which can cause ignition by either sparking or heating effects.

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