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An Eimco Water Technologies MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) has reduced the wastewater disposal costs at the Jaspers beef plant by 90 per cent, saving the company GBP90,000 a year.

Within four months of the MBR installation, Jaspers was reusing 60 per cent of its Treburley beef plant treated wastewater effluent, while for its lamb abattoir in Botathan, the water-reuse figure has been in excess of 90 per cent.

This has led to Jaspers winning a Certificate of Environmental Benefit, enabling it to claim 100 per cent First-Year Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) on the capital cost of the system.

To get the certificate, more than 40 per cent of the treated effluent must be reused for applications such as wash-down of animal sheds and agricultural vehicles.

Michael Armstrong, financial controller of Jaspers, said: ‘The combination of operational cost savings and the ECA allowances has reduced the payback period to less than five years.’ Eimco Water Technologies selected its membrane bioreactor (MBR) system to treat the low-flow high strength wastewater streams at the Treburley and Botathan sites.

The final effluent quality has far exceeded original expectations, with the BOD (biological oxygen demand), TSS (total suspended solids) and NH4N (ammonia) concentrations all less than 10mg/l and often less than the limits of laboratory detection.

The influent wastewater is screened by a 3mm perforated plate automatic screen.

From the screen, the wastewater enters the MBR treatment tank where the mixed liquor activated sludge degrades the COD (chemical oxygen demand).

The MBR treatment tank contains flat-sheet membrane panels, which separate the treated effluent from the mixed liquor activated sludge.

The membranes also remove bacteria and viruses from the treated water.

Because of the high influent COD load, the MBR treatment tank incorporates a fine bubble diffuser air zone to ensure oxygen is transferred efficiently to the mixed liquor activated sludge.

The treated effluent from the MBR plant is stored prior to reuse.

The high quality permeate that is not reused is discharged to a local watercourse.

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