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Eland Cables has announced that its National Rail-approved rail telecoms cable portfolio now includes a full range of LSZH and armoured LSZH trackside cables.

The Network Rail approval (NR/PR/TEL/00015) covers 32 variants of 0.63mm and 0.9mm LSZH and armoured LSZH copper trackside cables.

Earlier this year, as part of Eland’s product acceptance strategy, 32 variants of PE and armoured PE copper trackside cables were also approved.

Why choose Eland Cables?

Eland Cables, a leading international supplier of electrical cables and cable accessories, is focussed on understanding the industries it serves and the needs of its customers. Designed as a one-stop-cable-shop; everything from control, coaxial, instrumentation, PVC flexible, alarm, tri-rated and industrial cables to bespoke, mains armoured, high temperature, rail, signalling and telecom cables. If it’s not in stock, Eland will source it, fast.

Quality as standard

A good cable company doesn’t become a great cable company overnight. Eland Cables has worked hard since 1975 to build a strong international reputation for providing both high quality products and exceptional service. The company understands that on-time delivery, reliable project management and commitment to customers is as important as maintaining competitive prices and quality standards. That’s why its Cable Website is such an excellent information resource. That’s why customers are introduced to real people not automated responses. That’s why the team at Eland is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact as well as its prices. And that’s why Eland Cables is on the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For list.

Going the extra mile

Whatever your industry and whatever your individual needs, Eland Cables has the expertise and extensive portfolio to generate project-based solutions. Eland Cables’ competitive pricing and phased or just-in-time delivery can help drive costs down – and see profits margins rise. The company’s quality telecoms and data cable will ensure communications are not interrupted. And those looking to power networks or to keep their rail projects on track know that great cable and great service is just a phone call away. Those who do business with Eland Cables come to expect a different experience – a company that delivers, time and again.

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