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Dormer Tools has introduced its second annual D Pack product launches, featuring a key addition to the company’s solid-carbide application drilling range.

Leading the company’s expansion into the high-performance deep-hole drilling market are three new tools capable of supporting ‘one-hit’ drilling to depths up to 30xO.

Branded Elect APP, the R572 (15xO), R573 (20xO) and R575 (30xO) complement the existing R570 (8xO) and R571 (12xO) drills.

All drills feature Advanced Chip Management (ACM) flute geometry that provides ample flute volume and also encourages the production of small, easily evacuated chips to minimise machine downtime.

Dormer’s Super-Flow coating has been specifically developed to optimise the performance capabilities of the Elect APP drills for deep holes.

As such, it offers benefits including greater stability of cutting edges, good wear resistance and increased productivity.

According to David Goulbourne, development manager for drilling products at Dormer, these elements work together to ensure consistent forces throughout the drilling cycle with little or no increase in the torque generated as the drill penetrates deeper into the hole.

He added that the end result is a drill that can run faster, for longer.

Dormer’s double offset margin ensures that increased performance and tool life does not come at the expense of quality.

This feature provides greater stability to the drilling operation with subsequent reduction in chatter and improved hole concentricity.

The Elect APP drills for deep holes all provide high levels of performance in a range of materials including steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminium.

The product launch is supported by a comprehensive brochure that includes full range details and optimum operating conditions in key deep-hole drilling applications, including cross-hole and angled face drilling.

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