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Griffon Hoverwork has fitted two electric-clutch assemblies from Centa to Hovertravel’s Solent Express BHT130 passenger-carrying hovercraft on the Ryde to Portsmouth route.

Fitted in the shaftline that controls the lifting fans, these clutches are now saving approximately five minutes on each turn round, enabling Hovertravel, the operator of the craft, to maintain its 30-minute schedule.

The fitting of the clutches means that the lift fan engines no longer need a three-minute run down and the craft stops and the passengers can alight more easily.

The craft can also depart quicker, as the lift fans are still running.

These variants are a development of Centa’s clutch pack range.

Centa Transmissions

Founded in 1979, Centa Transmissions, is a specialist in the design, specification and manufacture of mechanical power transmissions for all types of industrial, plant and marine applications. Part of international group Centa Antriebe Kirschey, Centa supplies flexible couplings, gears, gearboxes, brakes and bespoke engineered drives to any specification and for any application.

Today, Centa is at the forefront of drive technology, having solved countless drive problems for international and UK manufacturing businesses. Centa’s reputation is built on the ability to solve problems, often specifying a combination of products that, as well as couplings, include precision gears, gearboxes, electromagnetic clutches and speed reducers. Centa has also developed their highly successful carbon fibre composite shafts for ships and boats and these are capable of covering spans of 10 metres without support.

Centa is also heavily involved in the renewable energy sector, working with research associations and specialist manufacturers to create mechanical transmission drives for systems in wind, wave, tidal and solar energy. With long-time involvement in the power generation sector, Centa is ideally placed to ensure that these environmentally friendly systems benefit from reliable and trouble-free drives, often submerged or in hard to reach locations that demand robust, totally sealed, maintenance-free operation.

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