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Toyota Material Handling has launched the 8FBCU range of compact electric forklifts offering capacities of 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 tonnes, designed for all indoor materials handling applications.

The Toyota 8FBCU electric forklifts have cushion solid tyres to provide stability on a compact chassis, and are ideal for materials handling applications in food and beverage, general manufacturing, warehousing and distribution centres.

The 8FBCU models also offer higher drive and lifting speeds than their predecessors.

Dave Rylance, product manager for counterbalance at Toyota Material Handling UK, said that the main advantage of the 8FBCU models is their compact size, allowing use in smaller workspaces than conventional forklifts.

Every 8FBCU counterbalance model features the Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS).

This is a Toyota-designed system that actively supports forklift safety and productivity.

The SAS technology is said to help reduce the risk of accidents and drive down costs from damage to goods, property and equipment.

SAS constantly monitors forklift operations and automatically takes corrective action when it senses factors that could lead to the truck or load becoming unstable.

Advanced SAS functions – including mast tilt angle and speed control, one-touch fork levelling, and the swing lock cylinder – all support productivity and driver efficiency.

Other standard 8FBCU features that support workplace safety include a low dashboard for visibility of the fork tips, a maximum drive speed setting to help enforce workplace speed limits, and a wheel indicator that shows the position of the wheels at a glance to support safe driving habits.

For maximum productivity and performance, the Toyota 8FBCU range features the AC2 power system.

AC2 is built around Toyota 48V motors and controllers developed together to optimal compatibility, resulting in higher drive and lifting speeds.

In addition, the ‘accel-off’ braking function delivers smooth regenerative braking performance, which in addition feeds power back to the battery.

The Toyota 8FBCU’s ergonomic design helps reduce driver fatigue and stress resulting in greater productivity.

Standard features include a low, wide step and a large driver entry assist grip for easy access to the truck.

The slim-line adjustable steering column and small (300mm diameter) steering wheel allow comfortable driving, while an easy-to-read digital display offers detailed operational information at a glance.

Optional mini-levers provide fast, accurate, ergonomic load handling, and optional PIN-code start-up helps ensure that the Toyota 8FBCU can only be operated by authorised personnel.

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