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DBK Technitherm, a provider of manufactured electric-heating solutions, has purchased a 2010 SM350 optical projector from Baty to ensure a fast and accurate operation.

The unit’s geometric functions allow DBK to carry out a range of precise measuring routines across 99 per cent of its incoming components and on its in-house output, while downloading its findings for its traceable records.

The advanced 2010 SM350 range comprises of five variants enabling a multitude of applications.

Based on a robust all-steel design, Standard 2010 SM350 features include an easy-view, vertical 340mm screen with a digital screen protractor and rotating chart clips.

The projector’s large, sturdy component support/stage is based on cross-roller bearings and has quick-release travel of 10 x 5in.

Profile illumination is achieved with a halogen lamp and green filter, while fibre-optic illumination provides high levels of surface measurement.

Baty’s 14in screen bench projector range has an option of a three-lens turret, facilitating instant lens changes without re-calibration.

The 2010 SM350 GXL model chosen by DBK incorporates advanced geometric functions, allowing the precise and rapid measurement of features such as skew alignment, angle radii measurement, pitch circle diameter and construction of intersect points.

Enabling all potential 2010 SM350 customers to specify an optical projector that exactly matches their needs, Baty is able to provide a range of optional features, including a facility where the focus axis can also be used as a third measurement axis, enabling Z-axis height measurements to be taken.

An automated measurement system with joystick control and a touch-trigger probe for rapid Z-axis measurement are also available.

Further alternative options include automatic edge sensing, motorised focus axis, a three-position turret and lens magnification choices from x10, x20, x25, x50 and x100.

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