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Express Assembly Products has introduced a new line of DC power supply, automatic shut-off electric screwdrivers to its range of electric and air torque screwdrivers, pulse tools and accessories.

Express Assembly’s EA series auto shut-off electric screwdrivers are available in either push-start or lever-start models.

The EA line offers enhanced power and torque, ensuring repeatable, accurate torque for precision assembly applications.

A lighter weight and an ergonomically designed non-slip grip minimise operator fatigue while using the tools.

The EA series screwdrivers are recommended for assembly applications that require exact, repeatable torque; multiple RPMs; and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection.

All EA tools from Express Assembly come with an external power supply that plugs into either a 112V or 220V source.

Power converts to a DC 20V or 30V, depending upon the screwdriver.

Every tool features a Stepless Torque Adjuster at the tip of the screwdriver for quick and easy torque changes.

Express Assembly offers a 30-day evaluation period and a one-year warranty on parts for all tools.

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