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Oven 1007 is an electrically-heated, 500F (230C) top-loading oven from Grieve, currently used for curing composite components.

Workspace dimensions of the oven are 26.5ft wide x 2ft deep x 2.5ft high.

Nichrome wire heating elements are rated 60KW and three 3-HP recirculating blowers total 9,000 CFM to provide horizontal rear-to-front airflow to the workload.

This Grieve top-loading oven features 4in insulated walls, aluminised steel interior and exterior, motor-operated rear-hinged door and compressed-air manifold with eight connections.

The unit meets NEMA 12 electrical standards, while the floor of the workspace is reinforced for 5000lb loading to support the customer’s fixtures.

Controls onboard the 1007 include a digital programming temperature controller, 16-point strip chart recorder and tower light to indicate machine status.

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