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Burkert’s ex-proof Airline Ex 8650 system, working in conjunction with modules from the intrinsically safe Siemens Simatic ET 200iSPTM system, has been used in a North Sea project for Jiskoot.

The company required an electro-pneumatic actuation system for a sophisticated and compact gas-sampling system that it was manufacturing.

The skid was destined for use in the North Sea, controlling three gas samplers in highly automated systems for use on an offshore oil rig.

The control solution needed to be able to interface and communicate with a Profibus DP network and be suitable for use within an Atex Zone 1 Area.

This zoning requirement meant that Jiskoot required a single supplier to provide the control solution – as an integrated system in a stainless-steel control panel – which would then be certified for use in the hazardous area.

The requirement for single-source responsibility was also important due to the location of the oil platform – in a remote area of the North Sea.

Burkert’s Airline Ex 8650, a modular electrical and pneumatic automation system for use in hazardous areas, is said to deliver substantial reductions in cabinet space, wiring, documentation and validation by combining EExia solenoid valves with modules from the intrinsically safe Simatic ET 200iSPTM system and Fieldbus communications, providing users with a complete Atex-certified unit for use in zone 1/21.

Burkert’s Ex 8650-based solution allowed Jiskoot to collect all of the control signals generated on the sampling skid into one place within the hazardous area and then communicate this information back to a Siemens S7 315 PLC located in a safe area.

The use of a pneumatic manifold with integrated Siemens I/O reduced the amount of wiring required and tubing on the skid, and, because the PLC and remote I/O were from the same manufacturer, there were no communication problems between the hazardous location panel and main control centre.

The Airline Ex 8650 system is housed in a stainless-steel control panel with the ET200iSP distributed I/O system consisting of 17 off 3/2 solenoid pilot valves, 32 off channels of digital input (from proximity switches) and 11 off channels of 4:20mA HART input for two-wire transmitters.

The control panel collects the digital signals generated from position feedback switches on process valves; analogue input control signals generated by external pressure transmitters; temperature transmitter signals; position transmitters located on the sample collection cylinders to provide performance feedback and alarming, and for the valve-position confirmation; as well as sending pneumatic signals to the 17 process valves located on the skid.

These signals are then fed back to a Siemens S7 315 PLC provided by Jiskoot’s client, which is sited in a safe area and acts as the Profibus DP system master.

The S7 315 communicates with the ET200iSP module on the front end of the 8650 Valve + I/O assembly and also the Stahl ET316 touch screen, located in the door of the Jiskoot panel.

Burkert’s Airline Ex 8650 unit is fully Ex-certified and can therefore be used in explosion-hazard areas involving gas or dust.

The system is particularly suited to decentralised process control tasks concerning fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and oil and gas, and it can be employed anywhere where solvents, alcohol or lacquers are utilised.

It can be installed for direct factory automation, for example, for the automatic filling of solvents, alcohol or lacquers.

In these application areas, the system allows integration of EExia pneumatic valves without additional wiring.

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Burkert Fluid Control Systems has been manufacturing products and systems for over 60 years that can be used wherever fluid media and gases need to be measured, controlled and regulated.

Burkert Fluid Control Systems has been manufacturing products and systems for over 60 years that can be used wherever fluid media and gases need to be measured, controlled and regulated.Whether the application is filling, level, flow, pressure or temperature we have a solution and a uniquely comprehensive range of products to handle it, including solenoid, process and analytical valves, pneumatic actuation, sensors and controllers.

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