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CIP Technologies has released a combined modulation and photodetection transducer capable of working at up to 60GHz.

The reflective electro-absorption modulator (R-EAM) meets customer needs for a low insertion loss, low-drive-voltage optical modulator in applications such as remote antennas and radio-over-fibre.

The product is particularly significant for those interested in the 28GHz LMDS (Local Multipoint Distribution Service) band, as well as experimental and research work in bands up to 60GHz.

The combination of modulation and photodetection in a single device means that up and down links can be duplexed over a single fibre, leading to significant cost reductions and capacity improvements.

The device, 60G-R-EAM-1550, has an insertion loss of 3.6dB and provides digital-optical modulation at 50Gb/s and RF modulation over its 60GHz bandwidth.

It operates across the 1550nm C-band with a low-chirp parameter and is intended for use with a laser-diode source.

The photodetection capability provides 1.0 A/W responsivity and 43GHz bandwidth.

The standard package with RF connectors is suitable for use with external RF components and drivers, and customer-specified variants of the product can be provided on request.

CIP Technologies

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