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Electrolube, a manufacturer of electro-chemicals, will present environmentally friendly cleaning products at the International Electrical, Energy and Automation Industry Trade Fair (FIEE).

The company, which will be found on Stand G76, will exhibit conformal coatings, resins and thermal management solutions, which are being supplied across the region in bulk packs for large-scale use.

Electrolube’s Safewash range of water-based cleaners is currently in use in a variety of cleaning machines.

It is claimed to provide excellent cleaning performance, meeting military and commercial standards, at minimal financial and environmental cost.

The products are non-flammable and 100 per cent ozone-friendly biodegradable solvent blends designed to clean and remove leaded, lead-free and no-clean flux residues from printed circuit boards.

The blends also remove solder pastes and adhesives from screens, stencils and related accessories.

The newest edition to the Safewash range is Safewash Total, an effective aqueous cleaning product.

The product is a specially formulated blend of non-flammable solvents, which form a micro-emulsion when mixed with water.

The cleaner is suitable for the removal of pastes and adhesives from screens, stencils, boards and accessories as well as general degreasing applications, and can be used in dishwasher and inline pressure systems, along with ultrasonic and spray-under-immersion applications.

The Safewash range has performed well under extreme testing by many equipment manufacturers, reaching the high levels required by the military in ultrasonic, spray-under-immersion, dishwasher and jig cleaning equipment, according to Electrolube.

SWAS, also from the range, has been shown to provide excellent cleaning performance to military and commercial standards, with little financial and environmental cost.

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