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Electrostatic Solutions has announced a one-day workshop aimed at those who need to better understand electrostatics and electrostatic discharge (ESD) and how they are important in their activities.

The ‘Workshop on Electrostatics in Industry’ event, scheduled to take place on 10 April in Bangor, UK, will be presented by four international speakers: Prof Tom Jones will discuss the fundamentals of electrostatics and demonstrations using modern materials; Dr Martin Glor will talk about electrostatic ignition hazards; Dr Jeremy Smallwood will discuss effective ESD prevention in electronics manufacture; and Dave Swenson will explain how to measure static electricity and related properties.

For participants attending the Electrostatics 2011 conference, the fee will be GBP175 and for conference non-attendees the fee will be GBP225.

The prices cover workshop materials, lunch and refreshments.

The fee for conference non-attendees applies only to those making payment online with a valid debit or credit card.

A surcharge of GBP30 will apply for payments made by other methods.

Electrostatic Solutions

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