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Magnesium Elektron UK has announced its immersion ultrasonic testing service under the brand Elektron Ultrasonix.

Elektron Ultrasonix has installed a large, automated ultrasonic immersion scanner that will be offered for services to industry.

Automatic ultrasonic flaw detection within an immersion tank removes the inherent ‘operator error’ of other ultrasonic systems, enabling highly repeatable, consistent checking of material cleanliness.

The Elektron Ultrasonix system has been custom built to allow both round billet and flat plate or extrusions to be checked on the same machine.

Initially, metallic components will be served, with the scanning envelope allowing parts up to 3,000mm x 1,000mm x 450mm to be checked.

The system can automatically follow the part profile, allowing non-straight parts to be accommodated.

However, a relatively uniform edge or plane is required.

The system is supported by the latest K-scan data acquisition and analysis software with full-colour reporting in both B-Scan and 3D C-Scan modes.

Defects can be individually analysed with multi-plane probes producing detailed 3D views through the part.

Elektron Ultrasonix operators are qualified to NAS 410 level 2 and can ultrasonically check products to the Aerospace Material Specification AMS 2154.

Reports can be tailored to specific requirements.

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