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With machine components, as with much else, “form follows function” – in which case the Elesa Ergostyle range of standard operating elements must work really very well indeed. In fact of course with their well-known care over operator comfort and safety, Elesa have combined a bit of Italian flair in design which makes any machine look special.

The expected parameters of precision, grip and strength all compliment today’s range of hi-tech, hi-precision manufacturing machinery. This includes adjustable and lever handles, handwheels, clamp handles, crank handles, pull handles, and handles for special applications such as instruments and desktop equipment.

Notable in the Ergostylerange are their EMW Monospoke handwheels in glass fibre reinforced polypropylene technopolymer with soft-touch or fold-away safety handles. The ERW adjustable handles and ERFW lever handles are especially useful where height restrictions determine the need for a flat lever rather than an inclined version. They are capable of maintaining performance in repetitive clamping situations with very high frequency. The sister product ERX-CR is a chrome plated version of the push-button clamping handle which has an especially striking “techno” look while the ERFW+I Crank handles provide an easy way to wind shafts and gauges with fingertip control.

The Ergostyle® range encompasses all areas of industrial equipment which naturally includes machine guarding and control systems where their EBR-PN handle with pneumatic valve offers safety machine shut-off at the point of access.

Even tube supports are catered for with Elesa’s NIL Ribbed Tube End Plugs in polyethylene black or grey to suit black steel or solid anodised aluminium tube.

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Elesa (UK) Ltd is a branch office of the Elesa Spa group, international manufacturer of plastic and metal standard machine parts for the mechanical engineering industry for over 75 years. Elesa products express a quality of design and ergonomic research with recognition of its brands as guarantees of quality and reliability. Continuous attention to clients’ needs and a rapid service have made Elesa a reference point for designers and builders. More than 45,000 product codes, 180 patents and 42 international design awards produced with systems certified to ISO 9001 and ISO1401 are supported by localised stock and technical support.

 Elesa Standards cover industrial components including, handwheels, handles, levers, knobs, gears, spring and indexing plungers, levelling feet, locks and latches and hydraulic tank accessories in engineering grade plastics, aluminium, steel and stainless steel. Also a range of light to heavy duty industrial castors, vibration damping elements, conveyor components, rod ends, fork joints and magnets.

Industrial machinery and equipment are well served with the Elesa anti-vibration mounts, ball lock pins, ball transfer units, filler breathers, grip knobs, latch clamps and metal hinges, in addition to oil level indicators, plastic hinges, pneumatic clamps, stainless steel hinges, toggle clamps, tubular handles and wing knobs.

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