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MPI-15 data sheet - .PDF file.

Elesa has introduced a magnetic measurement system that uses a magnetic band and non-contact sensor to provide accurate repeatable measurements for industries such as furniture/woodworking, window frame assembly and steel frame builders.

Typically, the magnetic strip is fixed to the machine bed — for example cross-cut saw or milling equipment — with the sensor and indicator mounted on the travelling feed part. The system can be set up for simple linear measurement in millimetres/inches and for angular measurement in degrees, with an accuracy of 0.1mm and repeatability of 0.01mm.

The Elesa system is characterised by easy assembly and it enables precise positioning alignment, reducing time by keeping machinery procedures to a minimum. The non-contact feature of the system means that it is not subject to wear and tear and therefore does not require maintenance. Similarly, without direct contact it is not affected by moisture, dust, oils and process residues — it is also insensitive to vibration for the same reason.

The MPI-15 position indicator can be set to read out measured values in absolute or incremental mode (to make relative measures within the measuring range), to select the unit of measure (millimetres, inches or degrees) and the counting direction and to set the offset values to compensate for tool wear.

Click on the link above to download the MPI-15 data sheet.

Key features and specifications

  • The MPI-15 incorporates a self-diagnostic battery check, sensor check and magnetic tape check.
  • It is powered by an external battery 1.5VDC and is equipped with a buffered memory during battery substitution.
  • Battery life is one-and-a-half years (typical).
  • The M-BAND-10 magnetic band is easily assembled thanks to an adhesive backing.
  • It is protected against mechanical damage by a stainless steel cover strip.

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