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Elesa has introduced a range of HFLT/E float level indicators intended for use in construction equipment, building facilities tanks, large vehicles, factory machinery sumps and similar applications.

The indicators are designed to achieve greater ranges of level reading than conventional side-mounted visual systems – especially where the tank concerned is remote or otherwise inaccessible so that electronic indication is needed.

The Elesa HFLT/E units feature a customisable float level by simply cutting the float rod to suit the tank and max/min fluid level required.

HFL/E and HFLT/E level indicators can be used to detect the minimum or maximum level of liquid in a tank.

HFL/E indicators are available with normally open contact for minimum level detection, or with normally closed contact for maximum level detection.

Both models consist of a polyamide-based technopolymer body with a connector and sensor block, to protection class IP65.

Dipsticks are AISI 304 stainless-steel tube for HFL/E model and polyamide-based technopolymer for HFLT/E model with a float in NBR synthetic rubber for HFL/E model and polyamide-based technopolymer for HFLT/E model.

The maximum continuous working temperature for these indicators is 80C.

Two standard fittings are available for assembly: with threaded coupler or flange with holes for screw fastening.

Sensor magnet HFLT/E indicators allow reversal of the polarity so that it is possible to use the same indicator for both minimum and maximum level detection.

Easy access is provided to the magnet by simply loosening the fastening nut.

The float unit is completely without magnetic parts and is integral to the dipstick, making these indicators ideal suitable use in tanks, containing dirty liquids, water, oil, coolant oil, as well as with ferrous metal parts or foams.

The operation is independent of the fluid electrical conductivity.

Elesa is a supplier of a wide range of standard metal and plastic machine parts to the mechanical engineering industry.

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