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Elettric 80 is offering its LGV systems that can be implemented in existing warehouse environments with little or no site modification required.

Depending on the storage method, the type of goods and the volumes that are shipped, the warehouse owner can opt for counterbalanced or straddle vehicles, capable of transporting one, two or more pallets at a time.

The system can adapt to most methods depending on the type of goods, for instance block stacking, drive-in racks, gravity racks, push back racks and narrow-aisle racking.

Elettric 80’s Giraffe is a single-pallet reach truck for warehouses with very high racks and can handle goods at 11m high.

Daytime shipping can be facilitated by nighttime pre-staging, allowing prepared goods to be loaded into any waiting trailers or containers as soon as the working day begins.

Under certain conditions, the LGVs can also handle the loading and perform ‘housekeeping’, for example, concentrating pallets with the same kind of goods into full bins, leaving others empty, and filling up the racks closest to the shipping area with the most frequently shipped products.

Personal safety is also increased due to the LGVs centimetre-precision handling characteristic and advanced safety technology that continuously scans the immediate surrounding area.

If an obstacle is detected, the LGV slows down and eventually stops until the obstacle is removed, avoiding collision.

The tasks performed during nighttime further reduce the required goods movement during the day, reducing the total number of LGVs needed.

The Elettric 80 Warehouse Management System (WMS) integrates with most existing computer systems and does not require the existing system to be exchanged.

All pallets can easily be traced through it at any point.

The Elettric 80 systems can be found in warehouses worldwide, particularly in tissue, beverage and food sectors.

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