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An Elga Process Water treatment plant at Heathrow airport is supplying softened water for aeroplane wing de-icer spraying systems.

Alectia is an engineering and project management company that supplies the de-icer solution system for Terminal 5.

Roger Sutton, project manager at Alectia, said: ‘Most de-icer systems are a batch process: the concentrated mix of glycols and additives is diluted with water in a tank.

‘The six systems at Terminal 5 are continuous: the concentrate is blended with hot water at 80C as it is needed.

‘Accurate control of the blending is critical.’ With all six systems running, the demand for water is about 10m3/h.

Because the water is heated, it is important that there is no possibility of scale formation, as this would cause problems with the mixing equipment and spray nozzles.

This is why the water is softened.

The Elga Process Water equipment consists of a mains break tank, pumps and duplex water softeners to ensure softened water is always available.

The plant and its brine regeneration equipment were pre-assembled, mounted on stainless steel skids and factory-tested before delivery.

This reduces cost and risk by minimising installation and commissioning on-site.

Elga Process Water

Elga Process Water specialises in delivering water purification systems and service support for the scientific, healthcare, industrial and pharma/biothech markets. Our focus on innovation, new technologies and customer service enables us to continually deliver innovative, sustainable products and services.

With over 80 years' experience in water treatment, we offer a variety of systems which use the latest technologies to provide the quality and quantity of water that you require.

We can support your water treatment system through our AQUAservice contracts with four, eight or 24-hour response. In addition, we offer short and long term hire of mobile water solutions that provide independent supply of process water to support you during plant shutdown or increased capacity demands.

We also provide a free carbon and water footprint assessment of your water treatment system, which can help you to reduce your energy and water consumption and more importantly, save money.

Whatever pure water quality you require, ELGA has the solution:

  • Water purification systems using latest technologies
  • SDI/Cylinder exchange service
  • Nationwide team of engineers
  • Wide range of service agreements to suit your needs
  • Large stock of consumables and accessories

Accreditations: ISO9001, ISO14001. Our safety record has been recognised by National Britannia Safe Contractors Awards and CHAS (Contractors Health & Safety). We're a member of the British Safety Council and RoSPA.

ELGA Process Water is part of Veolia Water, the world leader in water treatment.

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