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Manitowoc Foodservice UK has increased the deburring capacity at its Sheffield plant by installing the Timesaver rotary deburring machine from Ellesco.

Manitowoc Foodservice UK plays a key role in the manufacture of a range of commercial catering equipment for the UK and across Europe.

As a result it has seen significant investment in sheet-metal processing equipment over the past five years.

The increased throughput that resulted from this investment created the need to increase the capacity in the final deburr and finishing of parts; parts that vary greatly in size and shape, with many having raised forms.

Wayne Mathews, manufacturing manager at Manitowoc Foodservice UK, said: ‘While we now have an advanced manufacturing facility we were still using traditional methods to deburr and finish the sheet-metal components.

‘The increased throughput of work resulted in deburring becoming extremely labour intensive, with up to four people involved at peak periods.

‘In addition to these factors, there was also a benefit to the improved working environment and health and safety,’ he added.

A Timesaver 42-series rotary brush deburring system from Ellesco provided the solution.

Using a rotating brush system, the machine can deburr and radius sheets up to 1,350mm wide, including those with forms, to very precise levels in a single pass.

The improvements were almost instantaneous with just two people required to deburr.

Parts are now fed into the Timesavers machine where they are held by a vacuum conveyor table; this feeds the parts under the eight rotating deburring brushes, which in turn revolve around a central axis.

The number of brushes is crucial to the productivity of the machine as it allows much higher feed rates to be achieved or improved surface quality, whichever is of greater importance.

Mathews said: ‘The Timesavers machine was virtually plug-and-play and we were in production with it within a very short space of time after it was delivered.

‘It is easy to use and we can process lots of different parts, with sheet thickness between 0.7mm and 2mm, without the need to adjust the machine settings.

‘Consumable use is looking extremely favourable and the investment was very attractive,’ he added.

While the present setup has increased capacity and reduced the requirement to manipulate relatively large parts and the risk that this brings, Manitowoc Foodservice UK is already investigating the next stage in automating the deburring process to make the Timesavers machine even more efficient.

This will include conveyors feeding work directly from its punch presses.

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