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Electronic packaging products manufacturer Elma Electronic is offering standing light guides for the transportation of light from a PCB to the front of a panel.

The company’s standing light guides are typically used in applications where the PCB stands parallel to the light emitters and front panel.

This includes complex indication systems that transmit the operating status or the representation of bar graphs for a device.

The standing light guides feature indicators with a planar surface with a 3mm diameter.

The indicators have electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection of 8kV to 12kV within a defined ambient temperature of -40C to 85C.

Elma’s standing light guides have a length that ranges from 9.6mm to 45mm.

This allows a range of standard sizes to be made available for variable PCB to front panel distances.

The guides also feature press-in pins that provide a stable connection to the PCB.

An optional black sleeve can prevent over-emission to neighbouring light guides.

The vertical light guides are designed for use with surface mount design (SMD) LEDs.

They come in single-guide versions up to an array of 10 guides.

Elma also offers flexible and lying light guides in addition to various SMD and panel-mount LEDs.

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