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Elma Electronic UK has announced a range of high-output, conduction-cooled 3U and 6U, 5HP wide pluggable power supplies.

The devices are for use in harsh operational environments where extremes of temperature, vibration, shock, humidity and EMC integrity are of critical importance.

Inputs are specified at 28V DC, 115V AC, 230V AC and 250-425V DC, with multiple DC outputs, typically +3.3V, +5V, +12V and -12V, to suit various bus architectures including VME, cPCI, VXS and VPX.

Form factors and connector options are also optimised to match the different bus specifications.

The units incorporate custom-machined cold plates to ensure high mechanical strength as well as good thermal performance.

Seven-segment wedge locks assist with removing heat from the cold plate into the subrack framework.

The power supplies are specified as follows: altitude to 40,000ft; vibration to 5.6G RMS; shock to 40G; acceleration from 2G to 7G; six-axis; and humidity to 95 per cent non-condensing.

Key features include: current share for N+1 redundant operation; no minimum load requirement; single connector interface; ejector handles and remote sense; and inhibit/enable functionality.

The modular design enables customisation of the mechanical configuration and voltage rails with low front-end engineering costs.

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