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Elma Electronic, a designer and manufacturer of rotary components and LEDs, is offering a high-brightness version of its rugged light tubes for electronics, architecture and edge illumination.

The high-brightness (HB) LED light tubes are equipped with two high-efficiency dragon LEDs and a special aluminium body for thermo-management.

The tubes are available in four standard lengths and in various colours (three shades of white, red, green and blue).

Two types of connection are available: with connecting leads or as a plug-and-light version with a main plug.

The HB light tube single modules can be combined with rigid or flexible light guides in various lengths.

They are also available in all monochrome colours as well in an RGB version.

The Elma light tubes feature the LED lighting housing in single- or double-ended configurations.

The housings send the light in a bright, precise and uniform colour arrangement.

Lengths of up to 2m are available, providing a wide range of lighting options for electronics, architecture, edge illumination, danger indication/alarm system, indirect illumination and bright signal sources.

The end-caps can be swapped with different colours, offering more choices and various colour blends.

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