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Elma Electronic’s Systems division is offering the 6U VPX 28-port Ethernet switch that provides full-wire speed switching of up to 125Mpps, with 24-GigE ports and up to four 10-GigE ports.

The fully managed ComEth 4340a switch supports Layer 2 bridging and Layer 3 IPv4/v6 Unicast and Multicast routing with Layer 2 to Layer 4 advanced traffic classification, filtering and prioritisation.

It is suitable for applications requiring strict data prioritisation and filtering, and advanced traffic classification and traffic monitoring required by demanding network applications, as well as delay-sensitive and critical environments.

The ComEth 4340a offers flexible port options and four of the 24 GigE ports and two of the 10 GigE ports come out the front of the switch.

16 ports are accessible via the rear of the switch and are configurable in groups of four as 1000BT or 1000Kx ports.

Accessible via a browser, CLI or SNMP, the ComEth 4340a is easily managed and a built-in test suite provides simple maintenance and added security.

Software updates can be performed remotely by the administrator.

Additional functions on the fully managed version include monitoring of all statistical counters and a list of remote monitoring counters.

Configuration of the physical layer and switch parameters, including ports monitoring, static MAC address, QoS policy, Multicast and VLAN control as well as STP/RSTP protocols and MAC security are also part of the fully managed switch.

The switch’s L2 capabilities include a forwarding database handling 16,000 entries, an automatic or controlled learning and aging routing table as well as port, MAC and flow control, and backpressure.

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