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Elonics and Realtek Semiconductor have combined forces to create a premium performance, multi-standard DVB-T, DAB/DAB+ and FM TV and radio reference design.

This platform can be adopted by manufacturers as an external USB dongle or internal USB Minicard and can receive digital TV and radio.

The same hardware is used to receive all standards by reconfiguring the personality of the devices using the supplied software drivers.

The device operates in VHF and L band frequencies.

It has low power consumption (650mW fully active) and the ultra-low component count creates low production costs.

All necessary hardware and full software support is included in the reference design.

This includes WHQL certified drivers, plus Windows 7.0 and WMC AQ support.

Player software is from Arcsoft and Newsoft Technology, and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.0.

The production-ready TV and radio USB design contains Elonics E4000 CMOS RF Tuner that uses Digitaltune technology to enable high performance and multi-standard capabilities.

The companion Realtek RTL2832U is a Digital TV and Radio USB2.0 demodulator with DVB-T and FM/DAB/DAB+ reception ability.

The reference design surpasses Nordig 2.0, D-Book 5.0 and ETSI 300-744 requirements and can be used for PCs of any size (including portable notebooks and netbooks).

It is available in a number of different form factors and feature options.

The USB dongle comes in a number of different sizes, from 31 x 18mm including USB connector.

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