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Forest Way Special Educational Needs School has installed 35 Elta fans as part of a system to provide a comfortable, well-ventilated learning environment for the pupils.

The school, situated in the National Forest in Leicestershire, is a co-educational special school for 138 pupils aged 3-19 years old with a wide range of special needs.

Designed with sustainability in mind, the school incorporates several integrated, eco-friendly systems, added to which is the low-energy ventilation system that utilises the Elta fans.

The ventilation system incorporates 18 Elta Quietflow single fans, three Quietflow twin fans, one Elta Skyflow SSF roof unit, four domestic SE fans and two SCE fans.

The 22 larger fans were supplied complete with all required ancillaries and accessories such as mounting feet, silencers, speed controllers and sensors.

The system is powered by renewable energy and automatically controls the ambient environment in each classroom.

The main contractor for the development was Wilmot Dixon, with Fans and Spares Nottingham (Elta’s local distributor), providing the Elta equipment to Derry Building Services.

The school is intended to be a major focal point and resource for the whole community and was designed around an internal courtyard to a very high specification.

Many of the features are there to provide a very intimate and tactile environment for the students with multiple learning difficulties.

‘The fans featured PIR control, with speed controllers also fitted to ensure they are operating at optimum capacity,’ said Adrian Franklin, the building services engineer at Derry Building Services responsible for the project.

‘The fan units were clearly identified, along with the ancillaries, to identify the relevant locations,’ he added.

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