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Elysium has announced the release of CADdoctor SX, a translation and geometry optimisation tool for 3D CAD-data users who work in smaller supplier and manufacturing shops.

The CADdoctor SX range, available as of 22 April 2010, is made up of four suites.

The first is for CAD-to-CAD translation, the second is for translation and geometry simplification for FEM, the third is for preparation of molding die design and machining, and the fourth is for reverse engineering (RE).

These 3D data-handling techniques in CADdoctor SX provide entry-level users with high-fidelity translation and superior performance at a lower cost than Elysium’s CADdoctor EX.

Ken Tashiro, Elysium chief operating officer/vice president, said: ‘If you are a small mould shop and you just want to bid on, say, a Catia V5 file from a major aerospace manufacturer, CADdoctor SX allows you to open the file, take a look, measure volume, surfaces, machining requirements – all without owning that CAD seat.’ Trans/Transplus2 is the basic package for 3D CAD-to-CAD translation.

With this suite, users can translate any source CAD file into another CAD file.

Due to a direct interface for each CAD system, users don’t have to prepare their own CAD file in order to receive/output native CAD data.

FEM/FEMPlus2 is the all-round package for 3D CAD users who make preparations for FEM analysis and Digital Mock Up.

In addition to CAD-to-CAD translation, users have geometry simplification for making 3D CAD models suitable for FEM analysis.

For example, users can readily detect features in a model that are not necessary for FEM analysis such as Fillet, Chamfer or Hole and remove them.

An Envelop Solid function to extract the contour of an assembly model is also available.

In addition to handling B-rep (usual CAD models), the suite is also useful for the handling of polygon data, including importing, quality checking, healing and exporting.

This will help in the downsizing of polygon files, as well as the smoothing of polygon represented surface boundaries.

Mold/Moldplus2 is the all-round package for 3D CAD users who design moulding dies or make preparations for machining.

With this suite, users can operate not only CAD-to-CAD translation but the geometry simplification and advanced verification needed to ensure mould manufacturability and manufacturing quality.

For example, a user can easily detect and remove unnecessary fillets to prevent failure at taper shape.

It is also easy to detect features, in advance, that will cause problems, such as Undercut or Thin Wall.

RE is an all-round package for handling polygon files for 3D CAD users who uses a 3D measuring machine to execute reverse engineering.

With this suite, users can generate B-rep (CAD) models from polygon files, generate polygon files from point cloud files and modify CAD data to fit polygon data.

This suite is also useful for interchange between FEM results and original CAD data.

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