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Kontron has announced two robust and fanless Embedded Box PCs that feature a range of industrial interfaces – the ultra-compact Embedded Box PC CB 511 and the Embedded Box PC CB 753.

The 511, which has been developed to operate in especially tough environmental conditions and is equipped with an Intel Atom N270, offers good energy efficiency and is designed for the extended temperature range of -15 to 60C.

The 753 with Intel Core 2 Duo processor is said to offer a compact construction with a high level of performance.

It features two PCI slots and a PCI Express Mini Card slot for flexible configuration, making it suitable for a range of OEM applications which could previous only be addressed by 2U servers.

With an extensive range of industrial interfaces, the CB 511 and CB 753 can be integrated seamlessly into a range of OEM applications in the fields of automation, digital signage, gaming and infotainment.

Due to the energy-efficient characteristics of both box PCs, passive cooling in the closed aluminium chassis suffices and makes them more robust than previous designs.

Additionally, if rotation-free, flash-based storage media are used, the operating noise is 0db, which makes them suitable for noise-sensitive applications in medical technology where equipment is close to patients.

To ensure flexible application and integration in the future, Kontron offers both box PCs with different mounting options for vertical and horizontal mounting or for rack mount.

The mean time between failures (MTBF) has been specified at approximately 50,000 hours (Kontron CB 753: 40,000 hours).

The PCs are CE certified and designed to meet UL.

The 511 with its size of 51 x 250 x 140mm offers high performance per watt for applications that call for a robust design.

It features the Intel Atom N270 processor with 1.6GHz, Intel 945GSE Embedded chipset and up to 2GB of DDR2-RAM.

The standard version of the Kontron CB 511 comes with the following range of industrial interfaces; 1x RS232, 2x GB LAN, 4x USB and VGA.

Optionally it can be equipped with 1x e-SATA, 1x DVI-D, 1x RS232 and Wi-Fi.

If required, it can also be extended with a Mini PCI Express extension slot and a CF socket for data storage.

The Kontron CB 753 measures 75 x 350 x 260mm and offers high performance for data-intensive applications with an Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile P8400 processor with 2.26GHz, 1066MHz FSB and up to 8GB of DDR3-RAM.

Similar to other Embedded Box PCs such as the Kontron CB 751 and CB 752, the Kontron CB 753 also offers a range of industrial-suited configurable interfaces (4x USB, 3x GB LAN, 4x RS232, PS/2 M+K, VGA, Line in, MIC In, 7.1 HD Audio, 1x Firewire and SVideo).

Via two PCI extension slots or one PCI Express x16 extension slot and a PCI Express Mini Card slot, the interfaces can be configured to accommodate different customer-specific options such as DVI-D, Wi-Fi, GPS, CAN or digital I/Os.

A bay for a 2.5in SATA-HDD or SDD and a CF socket are available for storage media.

The Kontron Embedded Box PCs CB 511 and CB 753 will be available in EMEA in April 2011.

Kontron Embedded Box PCs support Linux Embedded, Microsoft Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded and Windows CE 6.0.

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