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Lanner has launched the LEC-2026, an embedded system that supports six Intel GbE LAN ports, each with its own network controller, to ensure high throughput for network communication applications.

The LEC-2026 has a specialised focus on network capabilities.

It is driven by the N270 Intel Atom and the Intel 945GSE + ICH7M chipset.

Extended temperature specification and fan-less design allows the LEC-2026 to withstand harsh environments.

The LEC-2026 is designed for Vision Control applications.

Vision Control is a real-time video monitoring system for quality control.

The system is designed for IA and other manufacturing environments ensure the proper placement of components.

For example, in motherboard manufacturing a Vision Control system would be included in the various chip shooters to ensure each component was placed correctly.

The Vision Control’s digital GigE cameras are mounted inside the machine and are connected to external IPC.

Software on the IPC will then use the cameras to constantly assess each placed chip.

This analysis happens in real time, so the IPC does not retain any of the video footage – and therefore is not reliant on storage space.

The LEC-2026 is designed for use with Vision Control, by having separate high-bandwidth GigE ports, each with their own separate controller.

This ensures that the data stream will have a continuously high bandwidth to serve for Vision Control applications.

With six Intel GbE LAN ports, the LEC-2026 can run up to six cameras for Vision Control applications.

The LEC-2026 is fan-less and features an extended temperature range between -10C and +55C.

One reason the unit can support a fan-less design is the low power threshold involved in the N270 Intel Atom, which offers 1.6GHz of processing ability.

The heat-dispersing fins along the chassis ensure the unit will remain cool in even the harshest industrial settings.

Other connections include the two USB 2.0 ports, one RJ45 COM port and a VGA port for attaching monitors.

With 2.5in Sata HDD support and a CF socket this aluminium-cased SFF computer can utilise various operating systems (including XPE and Linux Kernel 2.4.16) and serve many different applications.

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