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Embest has brought out two ARM SBCs based on the Atmel AT91SAM9261S microcontroller, featuring Ethernet ports and Bus interface respectively.

Embest released two single-board computers (SBC) in August, both of which are built around the AT91SAM9261S ARM926EJ-S microcontroller.

The two SBCs have the advantages of the AT91SAM9261S processor and are suited for industry-control products due to their small size and low power consumption.

The SBC9261-I has Ethernet ports supporting a variety of other onboard peripherals such as 4MB Nor Flash, 4MB SPI Dataflash, 128MB Nand Flash, 64MB SDRAM, USB host and USB device, RS232 and TTL, battery backed RTC, LEDs and reset buttons.

In addition to this, expansion connections are made available via a number of header connectors and support peripheral LCD hardware, touch-screen, matrix keypad, SD card, JTAG and 13 GPIOs.

The SBC6000X integrates on board with 128Mbyte Nand Flash, 64Mbyte SDRAM, USB host and USB device, serial ports, Ethernet interface, battery-backed RTC, LEDs and reset buttons.

It also supports LCD hardware, touch screen, SD card, JTAG, bus interface and 16 GPIOs.

The two boards can support Linux and WinCE OS.

Embest provides Linux 2.6.24 source code and WindowsCE6.0 BSP with the boards, which can help customers better understand the hardware operations and quicken development steps.

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