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The Emco Group, a reseller of DP Technology’s Esprit computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) software, has unveiled a series of machines.

The Emco Technology Days, which took place in Hallein, Austria, allowed visitors a first glance at the five machine tools that will be shown EMO 2009, to take place on 5-10 October in Milan, Italy.

Exhibited at the technology days were the Hyperturn 45, Maxxmill 500, Emcomat E200, and Emcomat FB-450 and -600 L.

Among technical advancements from Emco to be showcased at EMO is the adaptation of Emco Hyperturn machines for five-axis simultaneous machining.

Demonstration workpieces to be displayed at EMO are programmed with Esprit and controlled with the Emco CPS Pilot, dubbed ‘The Virtual Hyperturn’.

Utilising Esprit, the Emco CPS Pilot (Crash Prevention System) is an offline programming system for Emco multi-spindle machines that offers collision detection via virtual test runs.

Paired with the simulation and complex programming abilities of Esprit, CPS Pilot offers greater protection for complicated machining tasks.

By using this offline programming system, the machine can be used as intended, to make parts, while programmers simultaneously plan, program and simulate the next production run.

The data exchange between machine and software occurs openly, on both sides.

This means that existing programs may also be used for reverse simulation.

The multi-chain compatible CPS Pilot – with CheckitB4 software, by Pimpel – is built utilising the Siemens kernel, interfaces with CAD systems and tool databases, and can be upgraded with the CAM functionality of Esprit.

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