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Emerson Process Management has added discrete switches, vibration and pH transmitters to the range of components available in its Smart Wireless field starter kit.

The kit enables users to choose from a range of functions to speed up operations when using wireless technology.

Complete use of standard WirelessHART technology further enhances user flexibility.

‘This kit makes it very simple and low risk to try Smart Wireless,’ said Bob Karschnia, vice-president of wireless technology at Emerson.

The kit, which can be ordered online, establishes an out-of-the-box secure WirelessHART self-organising network, which delivers greater than 99 per cent communications reliability in the typical steel and concrete plant environment.

The network organises around obstacles, whether permanent such as steel girders, or mobile, for example moving rail wagons or vehicles.

The Smart Wireless starter kit includes any combination of five or more wireless pressure, temperature, DP level, DP flow, vibration, or pH transmitters and discrete switches together with a secure, robust Smart Wireless Gateway.

Also included is AMS Suite predictive-maintenance software, which delivers powerful diagnostic information from the wireless devices and Wireless Snap-On for AMS Suite; this simplifies the design of wireless field networks.

Smartstart Services include a full network health assessment to ensure robust communications, plus verification of device functionality and output to Modbus, OPC, Ethernet or other communications systems.

Using the kit removes the need for site surveys, front-end engineering design or special tools when implementing a wireless network.

Everything can be installed and commissioned within minutes.

Users can easily add additional devices to the self-organising mesh network, which is infinitely configurable.

Hundreds of Emerson customers across all industries have implemented Smart Wireless, allowing them to touch plant areas that had previously been financially or physically impossible to reach with conventional, hard-wired devices.

Wireless helps them collect new predictive intelligence data to protect assets, improve process monitoring and control and boost health, safety and environmental compliance.

Smart Wireless is suitable for monitoring the vibration of critical rotating equipment, collecting trend data on asset performance, monitoring bearing and lubricant temperatures, finding cold spots in steam lines, preventing spills; and monitoring emissions, safety showers and pressure-relief valves.

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