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Babcock-Hitachi has contracted Emerson to install its Plantweb digital plant architecture with the Ovation expert control system at units 9 and 10 of the Dangjin thermal power plant in South Korea.

These are the country’s first 1,000MW ultra-supercritical units and, when commissioned in 2016, will provide electricity needed to support the country’s economic growth.

At each unit, Emerson’s Ovation system will monitor and control the Babcock-Hitachi boiler, as well as manage ash handling, the flue gas desulphurisation system, the electrostatic precipitator, the condensate polishing plant system, the chemical feed system and balance-of-plant processes.

Emerson will supply a total of 71 redundant Ovation controllers, 51 operator workstations and 26 additional workstations for historical data collection, alarm management, thermal stress monitoring, engineering and diagnostic functions.

In all, the Ovation system will manage nearly 57,000 I/O points, including 50 Profibus DP segments (25 per unit) that will be utilised for each boiler’s motor-operated valves (MOVs) and sootblower.

The use of Emerson’s AMS Suite asset management software will initially streamline the configuration of intelligent measurement and control devices, enabling cost savings and increased unit startup efficiency.

On an ongoing basis, AMS Suite will further increase the availability and performance of the two units by providing online access to instrument and valve predictive diagnostic information, as well as the automatic documentation of field device maintenance.

The efficiency of each unit will be further enhanced by Ovation’s embedded steam temperature optimisation and unit response optimisation technology.

Steam temperature optimisation utilises both multi-regional models and fuzzy neural technology to provide the most stable and accurate model for power generation.

This plant model permits faster ramp rates, improved turbine life and reduced stress on boiler pressure parts.

Unit-response optimisation uses advanced unit analysis and modelling techniques to provide optimal load trajectory and control for improved unit startup, ramping, turndown and overall performance.

As part of its comprehensive automation and control solution, Emerson will also supply high-fidelity Scenario simulation technology.

Configured using control logic identical to that of the plant, high-fidelity simulators offer a highly realistic training and engineering analysis environment.

In addition to training operators on the new Ovation system, Emerson’s simulation solution will be used to test and verify control logic prior to synchronisation to the grid.

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