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Emerson Network Power has introduced the Liebert MPX and Liebert MPH ranges for power distribution and monitoring inside rack servers.

The products are designed to support IT managers dealing with connected loads throughout their IT and network infrastructures, and will be available in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa from November 2009.

Liebert MPX and MPH deliver the flexibility required for fast, efficient power distribution, and support the evolution of IT infrastructures.

With its adaptive technology and hot-swap, the product enables quick modification of power input and distribution for installed loads.

Both ranges incorporate a local visualisation interface, remote monitoring and control via secure Web/SNMP connection or via Liebert Nform or Liebert Sitescan Web.

Offering simple connection and correct, flexible power distribution to all loads in the rack, the Rack PDU solution range accurately monitors the energy consumption of each connected IT device.

By measuring the energy consumption of servers and other IT equipment, the product offers a reliable information base to improve efficiency and cost-reduction policies.

Emerson Network Power – Adaptive Power and Cooling

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