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Emerson Process Management has released the Rosemount Analytical Model 6081-C WirelessHART contacting conductivity transmitter.

Since more than half of end-user liquid analytical applications require conductivity measurement, the new wireless conductivity transmitter is an important addition to the recently introduced Model 6081-P wireless pH/ORP transmitter, according to the company.

Industrial conductivity measurement is vital for control in applications where measuring and controlling the conductivity of chemical concentration allows effective scrubber performance, where detecting leakage of cooling water from jackets or heat exchangers into processes allows contamination to be avoided or where leakage of the process into the cooling water enables fouling or corrosion to be avoided.

It is also claimed to be necessary for equipment protection, such as its use for monitoring boiler feedwater and permeate to ensure pure mineral-free water, which is important for protecting condensers, heaters, pumps, piping, boilers and turbines that produce power.

Wireless technology is suitable for conductivity applications that are too difficult to reach, too dangerous to access or too costly to perform with a wired transmitter.

John Wright, vice-president of marketing, said: ‘The wider range of measurements enables [customers] to take advantage of a common design, reducing training time and increasing application flexibility for end users, integrators, skid manufacturers and OEMs [original equipment manufacturers].’ The Model 6081-C is compliant with the WirelessHART communications standard, making it fully compatible with a range of other wireless devices.

All Emerson wireless devices, including the Model 6081-P and the Model 6081-C, function in a self-organising network in which every wireless device in the network acts as a router for nearby devices.

This assures high-data-transmission reliability and network availability; all devices work together to identify the most efficient communication path, regardless of radio interference sources or barriers that may inhibit wireless communication, according to the company.

The Model 6081-C transmitter is compatible with both two-electrode and new four-electrode sensors.

It is also compatible with Emerson AMS Suite predictive maintenance software for fully integrated access to predictive diagnostics in an asset management application.

The Model 6081-C offers a measurement span from zero to 600,000uS/cm, which makes it suitable for a range of industries and applications.

Advanced diagnostics enable the real-time monitoring of sensor conditioning for efficient maintenance scheduling.

The local device keypad access permits setup, configuration and troubleshooting in situ.

Quick Start menus enable in-process deployment within one minute.

Emerson claims that the power management extends power module life and reduces replacement frequency.

User menus and prompts are available in six languages.

The security of wireless devices and networks, a key concern in industrial environments, is assured with Smart Wireless technology by the company’s five-level security implementation, which includes encryption, authentication, verification, anti-jamming and key management.

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