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EMKA’s 1000 series of quarter-turn insert locks now includes many long-term technical developments and a large number of variant types.

The 1000 series offers IP65 and IP54 protection levels against dust and water for applications ranging across steel/GRP/plastic/multi-layer enclosures, cabinets, lockers, machine guards, access panels, covers, roadside cabinets, industrial desks, workstations and secure waste containers.

The 1000 quarter-turn series features a range of different lock inserts including triangle, square, double bit and key type.

Key lockable options include barrel locks, wing handles, T and L handles as well as a key captive version.

Tamper- and vibration-proof specifications are met by a ’safety’ variant with a number of insert options.

Special inserts may be provided throughout the range to suit custom requirements with standard housings in a variety of lengths to suit material thicknesses or door depths.

Many locks permit padlock operation and there are also a number for high-security applications or to suit specific key requirements; for example, automotive and railway applications where ASSA and KABA standards are specified.

A selection of standard cams is another feature of this series, which combined with various housing lengths can offer standard configurations to suit applications up to 92mm long.

Special cams are also possible as are specific custom designs.

These 1/4 turn locks are suitable for many situations and have finishes to suit outdoor or hazardous environments; for example, stainless steel for salt spray and polyamide for wet environments.

All key barrels have front plates in stainless steel and are shuttered to reduce ingress of dust and water.

While originally introduced to offer a single-point locking solution, multi-point locking has also been introduced in the 1000 series to enable two-point or three-point closure using heavy-duty latches and cam-operated rods.

Other developments include powder coating in custom colours and the addition of customer logos on certain housings.

EMKA UK Ltd specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative Locking Systems, Latches, Hinges, Gasketing, Window / Door units and Accessories to the Electrical and Electronic, HVAC and Industrial Enclosure Industries. ELECTRONIC LOCKING MODULES (ELM) – high tech security for high tech equipment, together with remote monitoring, environmental management and event logging. LOCKING SYSTEMS – for single and multi-point applications and in most circumstances, permit installation into a single punched hole, also including a wide range of COMPRESSION LOCKS. KEYLOCKS – simple quarter-turn locking for lockers, cabinets and covers. HINGE programme – includes products for most applications. Concealed, lift-off, mechanically fastened, weld on, polyamide and stainless steel versions are available. GASKETING MATERIALS – self-gripping with no permanent memory and can be installed in one piece without being mitered. TOGGLE LATCHES – ideal for quick action closure for boxes, cases, cabinets, luggage, equipment. ACCESSORY line – includes drawing pockets, handles, door stops and other items of interest to designers and manufacturers of all types of enclosures. WINDOW and DOOR UNITS – custom made and available with a wide variety of options.

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