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Data sheet: swinghandle AGENT E with electromechanical release - .PDF file.

The AGENT E 3000 programme from EMKA offers multiple possible levels of security for standalone data cabinets. It is suitable for single cabinet locking and access logging or for a number of individual cabinets administered separately in a data centre where the infrared key fob operation enables multiple authorised access and logging of identity if required.

In addition, central wireless operation is possible in conjunction with an access point module, enabling expansion of the system if required.

The AGENT E handle forms a flexible security module within an expandable network, usable on otherwise vulnerable data or control cabinets. This includes server cabinets or machine controls where unauthorised access is likely to put personnel, machine or information safety at risk from tampering, vandalism/sabotage, data theft or simple inappropriate usage.

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Key product features

  • At the Basic level, an AGENT E set-up consists of a combination of electronic swinghandles and TAGs (handheld transmitters). Opening is effected by pointing the TAG fob/pendant at the handle, which is programmed to respond to the multi-modulated diode on the TAG. In addition, master TAGs can be programmed.
  • Simple programming of the TAG (handheld transmitter) directly on the respective swinghandle enables a maximum of 32 user TAGs and up to five master TAGs per swinghandle. In case of power failure, emergency power supply is possible via the USB interface with no software required.
  • The Professional version allows the easy configuration of locking plans and time profiles via the USB interface, and read out of the integrated event log. In this case, the master TAG can take over the function of a hardware dongle.
  • The Professional level system provides additional features and is configurable via USB using the freeware AGENT E Management Suite, which allows users to create and change locking plans, time profiles and read out the event log. Logging of the last 2,000 entries is possible to identify who, when and which handle, with the master TAG used to protect the USB interface against unauthorised use.
  • In the Superior version, all processes can be administered centrally in combination with an Access Point. It is possible to configure, read out and openswing handles remotely. Interconnection to the handles is via radio transmission and system-specific access point. It also features logging of the last 5,000 entries identifying who, when and which handle has been activated.
  • The AGENT E swinghandles are compatible with other EMKA door closure equipment such as cams and rod controls for multi-point locking.
  • Door contact sensors may be linked to all versions.

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