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Sescoi’s WorkNC V20 automated CAM/CAD system and the Workxplore 3D high-speed collaborative viewer will be demonstrated by Italian distributor Taglio at EMO 2009 in Milan this October.

The benefits for WorkNC users are that parts can now be programmed quickly and to a consistently high standard, according to Sescoi.

A range of employees can use the software and engineers can use the time saved to make productivity improvements elsewhere in the production process.

At the EMO show, Taglio’s WorkNC engineers will be on hand to demonstrate a range of time-saving toolpaths in WorkNC V20, including Global Finishing and interactive drilling, together with spiral finishing and lollipop cutter support for five-axis machining operations.

The Global Finishing routine follows the release of the Global Roughing toolpath last year.

The new routine automatically recognises surface topology, applying the most appropriate combination of cutter trajectories to achieve the best possible finish in the shortest possible time.

Five-axis machining offers many potential savings, such as completing parts in one operation and the use of shorter and more rigid cutters for reliability and quality.

Sescoi claims that it applied its ‘ease-of-use’ strategy to this complex programming task.

On the Taglio stand at EMO – PAD9, Corsia B, Booth B16 – visitors can see how a part can be programmed in a three-axis toolpath and converted into a collision-free five-axis toolpath by WorkNC’s Auto 5 module.

The addition of lollipop cutter support in V20 further extends the capability of the software, making it easier to machine tubes and undercuts.

Visitors to EMO involved in product design, development and manufacture will be able to request a live demonstration of Workxplore 3D on the Taglio booth.

This collaborative viewer is intended to shorten the product design and manufacture cycle.

The high-speed software can import and manipulate large CAD files from a variety of systems, sharing the information throughout a company and its supply chain and allowing users to check, mark up and analyse key elements of the design.

The simultaneous involvement of more people in design and manufacture speeds up the whole process and makes the best use of the range of skills available within an organisation, enabling products to be delivered faster to a higher quality and functional standard and at a lower cost.

Sescoi’s software has been developed to provide solutions to everyday manufacturing problems.

The automation and simplification of the complex tasks involved eliminates potential delays, errors and cost overruns.

By helping companies to achieve trouble-free production, the company’s automated solutions are intended to improve profitability.

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