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EMS has announced details of six seminars to demonstrate the efficiency of its Powerstar voltage optimisation system.

The seminars will also discuss the potential savings in electricity consumption that companies using the system should be expecting.

The sessions will be the latest in a series of five events held around the UK for company representatives with responsibilities for managing power consumption.

The seminars will take place on 28 October at the Pittodrie Stadium in Aberdeen; 26 November at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff; 8 December at the Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh; 10 December at the National Metal Forming Centre in Birmingham; and 16 December at 5 Portland Place in London.

Dr Alex Mardapittas, Powerstar designer and managing director of EMS, said: ‘These seminars are designed to clarify how voltage optimisation works.

‘We have proven that electricity consumption savings of up to 26.1 per cent are achievable with Powerstar but, just as importantly, for us it’s about finding an engineering solution to an engineering problem and that underpins everything that we do,’ added Mardapittas.

All Powerstar components, including minor items such as the paint, are sourced from UK manufacturers.

The design and associated software are designed by EMS.

The system does not require any maintenance and has a 15-year warranty.

It is an approved energy savings system and may qualify for an interest-free energy-efficiency loan from the Carbon Trust.

Powerstar is intended to improve the life expectancy of electrical equipment and power quality, reducing harmonics and enhancing the power factor.

ECA can be claimed on the Powerstar system.

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