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Transmode has announced the extension of its Native Packet Optical portfolio to address applications such as Ethernet aggregation, mobile backhaul, video distribution and business Ethernet services.

The 8x 10G Layer 2 Ethernet Muxponder (EMXP II 80) is available as part of Transmode’s TM-Series Release 16.

Transmode’s EMXP II range addresses transport Ethernet applications within the Native Packet Optical architecture and is suited for operators in areas such as low latency and SyncE support.

Native Packet Optical is an architecture that is ideally suited to the edge of an optical network, as it keeps the traffic payload as standard native Ethernet frames.

This provides the operator with better visibility and manageability of Layer-2 traffic, better aggregation of traffic to ‘fill the pipes’ prior to hand over to the core.

Furthermore, it lowers the cost of Packet Optical integration at the edge of the optical network.

Within this architecture, Transport Ethernet solutions optimise Ethernet for aggregation and transport of Layer 2 Ethernet traffic.

Transport Ethernet provides Ethernet services with integrated WDM transport and is optimised for aggregation and transport without the broader range of Layer 2 functionality that is offered by a full Carrier Ethernet Switch.

This application specific optimisation allows Transmode’s EMXP II range to offer additional benefits, such as sub-2msec latency with virtually zero jitter and support for SyncE services.

This makes the units suited to Ethernet applications where latency and jitter are important, such as services for financial institutions and video distribution, and also 3G or LTE mobile backhaul where synchronisation support is also critical.

The EMXP II range is now available in three variants – two with 2x 10G Ethernet ports and 10 or 22Gb Ethernet ports; and the new higher-capacity unit with 8x 10G Ethernet ports.

The units support a range of Ethernet functionality, including MEF-certified E-LINE, E-LAN and E-TREE services with differentiated class of service and bandwidth profiles, as well as 802.1ag and Y.1731 service OAM features.

Furthermore, the EMXP II range supports Synchronous Ethernet, G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection, 802.3ad Link Aggregation and port mirroring.

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