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Elma Electronic Systems has released a 1/2 ATR conduction-convection-cooled enclosure with an advanced airflow design that distributes air across external fins in sidewalls.

This new configuration helps to ensure the fast removal of dissipated heat, yet still maintain a low-profile design.

It comes with a six-slot 3U OpenVPX (Vita 65) backplane on 1in (25mm) pitch; it is also available with either a 3U cPCI backplane or a single-width MicroTCA backplane.

The unit offers the choice of a fixed-mount or a plug-in 28VDC power supply.

Elma’s 1/2 ATR box is said to be ideal for projects with weight restrictions; the unit weighs only 12.5lb (6kg) prior to power supply or payload.

The all-aluminium ATR is made from milled plates as well as punched and formed sheet metal.

The main body is dip-brazed for optimum heat conductivity.

The conduction-cooled card cage is completely sealed off to keep the electronic components in a clean environment.

A removable front panel allows input/output (I/O) customisation to exact application requirements.

Narrow screw spacing ensures high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) shielding compliant to MIL-STD 461E.

The enclosure meets Arinc 404A and Ansi/Vita 48.2 standards.

Pricing for the new 1/2 ATR configuration starts at USD15,000 (GBP12,700) in low quantities.

Delivery is six to eight weeks after receipt of order.

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