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Spelsberg UK has launched a range of enclosures designed specifically for use with the LED lighting control electronics found in the latest generation of exterior and street-lighting systems.

The simple, modular enclosures are designed to enable installers to protect the lighting control printed circuit board (PCB), simplifying cable entry, mounting and termination options in a semi-transparent polycarbonate enclosure that enables inspection during and after installation.

Scotopic and photopic light calculations (used to assess the visibility of light sources) have shown older street-lighting systems employing high-intensity discharge lamps, often HPS high-pressure sodium lamps, to perform poorly when compared with white light sources, particularly at night.

White light sources have been shown to double driver peripheral vision and increase driver brake reaction time by at least 25 per cent.

New street-lighting technologies, such as LEDs, emit a white light that provides high levels of scotopic lumens, allowing street lights with lower wattages and lower photopic lumens to replace existing street lights.

As well as the type of light emitted, LEDs have a number of other advantages: they require very little voltage, they have a long operational life and they are cheap to replace, which means that they are cost efficient as well as providing excellent lighting.

However, LEDs require a larger range of control electronics, which means that a far larger PCB is needed to run an LED-powered street lamp than would be found on a traditional lamp.

This can make installation awkward as a larger enclosure can be bulky and hard to specify to the correct dimensions.

Spelsberg’s solution allows for simple installation and quick inspection for PCBs used in LED lighting applications.

The company’s modular lighting enclosures can accommodate PCBs of varying length.

There are three possible module lengths: 220mm, 420mm and 620mm.

Each module has a 67mm diameter, meaning they are interchangeable and can be stored within most common street lamps.

The enclosures are constructed using a semi-transparent polycarbonate material, which is halogen free; ventilation sockets have been designed to allow heat dissipation by air circulation while still maintaining IP32 ingress protection when installed vertically.

Various accessories are available, including ventilation plugs and external fastening screws.

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