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Diversified Plastics has begun production on a high-precision component for the Dynapar HS35R Encoder, which is used in machine applications such as industrial controls and robotics.

The component, a shaft-sizing insert, fits within the encoder’s centre bore and accommodates various motor shaft sizes, while insulating the encoder from external stresses.

The position feedback device attaches to a motor’s rotating shaft and communicates angular position readings to the machine’s computer controller.

Diversified Plastics’ shaft-sizing insert is the connection between the encoder’s centre bore and a motor’s shaft.

Six slots cut on one end of the insert permits clamping to the motor shaft.

Jeff Nemeth, senior marketing communication specialist at Dynapar, said: ‘The insert performs two functions: first it insulates the encoder electrically and thermally from the motor and second it’s the most rugged encoder on the market and is used in very rugged and demanding applications such as elevators, material handling and automotive manufacturing.

‘It has larger bearings to handle heavy loads and Diversified Plastics’ shaft-sizing insert helps protect the encoder bearings from stresses imposed by the direct, heavy loads,’ he added.

The insert, similar to a collet adapter, is made from Ryton PPS – a lightweight, rigid material that can be moulded or extruded.

Its high-performance characteristics and resistance to expansion and contraction make it suitable for parts requiring tight tolerances.

Rather than moulding the shaft-sizing insert, Diversified Plastics machines the part from Ryton PPS extruded rod stock.

‘The machined parts must hold a tolerance of 0 to 0.001in,’ said Doug Ruckle, engineering manager at Diversified Plastics.

‘Additionally, part concentricity must be maintained due to the high rotational speed of the encoder,’ he added.

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