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Lika Electronic has introduced a series of incremental and absolute encoders designed to guarantee reliability and toughness when used in wind turbines that are sited in harsh working environments.

At the core of the C100, a heavy-duty incremental encoder, is Lika’s proven encoder circuit with universal output, featuring a full range of resolutions up to 10,000ppr and an extended operating temperature range.

Safe signal transmission, at high counting frequency, is granted even over long distances of up to 300m.

The aluminium housing is claimed to withstand heavy impacts and has a surface treatment to protect the C100 against salt water and corrosion.

Furthermore, blind hollow or tapered shafts are electrically insulated (up to 2.5kV) in order to preserve ball bearings from damages due to eddy currents.

The C100 is claimed to ensure maximum service life and minimum downtimes in continuous operation.

The MH58S rotary absolute encoder is designed for pitch control systems, as it is able to withstand large temperature ranges, as well as high radial and axial shaft loads.

This heavy-duty encoder is fitted with a rugged aluminium protective housing and provides IP67-rated environmental protection.

All pulse encoders for wind generators are fitted with easy-to-mount technology, for minimum installation and maintenance costs.

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